My Story: 

February 2015, I was working at a small B2B reselling company as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Unfortunately, I was unhappy because I didn’t enjoy my work. 

After I graduated college, I was so excited to enter the business world. I wanted to help businesses grow and achieve significant success through strategic tactics and technologies. Graduating college was when the real learning began. I dove into learning as much as I possibly could about building a successful business and qualities of leadership. I studied books such as The E-Myth, Good To Great, and The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. As I was striving to learn as much as I could about business, in February 2015, I stumbled upon a thick marketing book called “The New Rules Of Marketing & PR” by David Meerman Scott. 

I couldn’t put it down…

This book made me fall in love with marketing. I began to see so much opportunity around me and decided I wanted to work as an Account Executive at a digital marketing company. 

I started applying to companies, going to networking events, and setting up interviews, but no recruiters would hire me for one particular reason. 

I had no experience in selling digital marketing services.  

I was frustrated. They were right that I didn’t have experience, but I had the desire, passion and drive. For a moment, I would have traded all of those qualities for just 1 year of experience; so I could get a Jr. Account Executive entry level position. I even said to my wife, “I’ll sweep the floors if that’s what it takes to get my foot in the door!”.  

One evening after applying to jobs, I was reflecting in the park, and I had a thought come to me, “If I want to be hired as a digital marketing AE, I have to market myself online. And if no one will give me experience, I will just go out and get my own experience!”. 

This led me to start a company called Gabriel Digital Marketing. I based my company off of the latest digital marketing, content marketing, and growth hacking techniques in the market. I formed strategic partnerships with many marketing companies and built a business with 8 part-time employees.  

After growing my business for 20 months, I sold my business and was recruited by the largest Television broadcasting company in the US to lead an in-house digital agency, similar to my business, for a Central New York DMA. 

2 years ago, I would have been happy being an assistant at this company (I actually applied to be an assistant at this company and could not get an interview), and instead, I was a manager with a team of 11 Account Executives reporting to me. 

This position gave me the opportunity to work closely with the largest companies in Central New York. This position has grown and shaped my life through learning how to effectively lead a team, and communicate with enterprise executives. However, I found myself in a familiar place…unhappy.

I hadn’t felt the feeling of being unhappy with my work since February 2015. I achieved something larger than my dream job and realized that I missed the startup world. I missed the process of building something truly impactful. I missed being surrounded by other team members that were trying to build something great, rather than just work for the weekend. This is why I have joined Yip Yip, Inc. 

Why I joined Yip Yip:

I joined Yip Yip, Inc. because they are a startup that is building something truly impactful and relevant for uniting sales and marketing in 2017. Their culture encourages creativity and growth and is what excites me most. The team consists of other passionate pioneers that are not just working for the weekend, but self-starters looking to build something bigger than themselves. I am excited to help companies become really successful through Yip Yip’s technology, strategies, and tactics!